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Naxos offers an amazing variety of beaches with crystal clear waters. Some of them are organized, offering a complete family solution for the whole family while others are completely unspoiled for exploring. Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka and Orkos beach is a natural beautiful coastline which comprises of swimmable beaches, divided by small rocks and a fishing port.

Ag. Prokopios beach is a long sandy organized beach, suitable for the whole family. Part of it is organized and the other part is unspoiled, despite the heavy popularity that the beach boasts. Along with an amazing swim you can also visit the various shops and restaurants of the area. Agios Prokopios is easily reachable with the local bus from Chora.

Agia Anna beach is the natural continuation of Agios Prokopios and the second of the series of beaches stretching along the coastline of western Naxos. Following the style of Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna is a long sandy beach which is partly organized. Agia Anna is also easily accessible with a bus.

Plaka beach is the continuation of Agia Anna and like the others is a long sandy beach. The special feature of this beach is its unspoiled beauty and the big flat stones on the sand every here and there which provide a diverse landscape.

Orkos beach comes naturally after  Plaka beach. This beach is famous for its small natural caves and the spectacular red hills which surround it and offer the landscape an amazing contrast. This beach is quiet, unspoiled and quite remote, making it ideal for those who need to unwind. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy windsurfing thanks to the big waves that are caused by the strong winds in the area.

We are located in Plaka beach.


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